Fistula Kshar Sutra Cure

Kshar-sutra cures Fistula because of its caustic material. According to ayurveda the caustic material, which is coated over thread has three action chedan (excision of cavity), lekhan (curation), Bhedan(Puncture) so the fistulous tract is curetted out by kshara. Kshar dissolves the hard & fibrous tissues from the fistuluous tract and kshaar-sutra also provides effective drainage to the absess cavity. Due to all above reason fresh & healthy granulation tissues cover the gap of fistulous tract.

The caustic action of thread also destroys the eryptic glands completely (seat of origine of fistula) so there is no chance of recurrence after treatment by kshar-sutra. In this treatment the cutting of sphinctors are gradual, the fibres of anal sphinctors are being devided and previously cut fibres becomes united so the sphinetric control never lost.

Kshar-sutra can be applied on all age group of patients, including hypertensives, diabetics and also who are suffering from heart disease.