We Cure Fistula in Ano by Kshar Sutra a Non-Operative Treatement with 100% Guarantee

In last 25 years, Dr. SatyaRam has successfully cured thousands of fistula patients without reoccurance of disease. He cures Fistula in Ano (Bhagandar in Hindi) by kshar-sutra method of therpy of Ayurveda. Benefits of kshar-sutra is due to caustic material.According to ayurveda the caustic material,which is which is coated over thread has three action chedan (excision of cavity), lekhan (curation), Bhedan(Puncture), so the fistulous tract is curetted out by kshaara. Kshaar dissolves the hard & fibrous tissues from the fistuluous tract and kshar-sutra also provides effective drainage to the absess cavity. Due to all above reason fresh & healthy granulation tissue cover the gap of fistulous tract. More...

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About Kshar Sutra

kshar-sutra is a herbal alkaline thread, which is made up of following ingrediants:
  • Thread(surgical linen barbour no.20)
  • Snuhi ksheer(Latex of E.Neriifolia)
  • kshaar(Achyranthes aspera or other plant kshaar)

kshaar-sutra was practised by the most ancient surgeon "Sushruta" about 2500 years ago for the treatment of "Nadi varna" in chikitsa sthan chapter no.17. chakrapanidatta has described the preparation 06 kshaar-sutra as -"snuhee ksheere rajani churnam bhavitah punah punah " means latex of E.Neriifolia and powder of curcuma longa is smeared on thread repeatedly."Dalhana" has described "kshaar peetain sutra" means the sutra containing or dipped in kshaara. On the whole there was no proper guideline to prepare kshaar-sutra in ancient books (in terms of No.6 coatings).Late prof P.J. Deshpande standerdize more...

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This kshar sutra was prepared by following the authentic method and real natural ingrediants in proper guidance of Dr. SatyaRam. Dr. SatyaRam and his team was the first who invented Kshar Sutra and made available very first time in modern India. He also standerized more..
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